Comedy as Critique
"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot." — Charlie Chaplin
FYI Group Event Show Descriptions (10:15 only!)
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Hi y’all! Just wanted to give you the deets on the shows we’re going to as  a class! (Once again, 8am people are welcome to come along if they want, but you’re not required to!) I’m copying here the descriptions of the two shows they’ve posted on their website, happening on October 6th and 9th (Remember, you only need to come to 1 of the 2). See the previous post for more details.



OCTOBER 6th, 8pm: Creek Cave Live

Creek Cave Live (CCL) is the touring arm of The Creek & The Cave, when we are not on the road we bring you the an amazing showcase full of Creek favorites, comics just passing through and some of the best stand up comics living in NYC.”


OCTOBER 9th, 10pm: Permission to Fail

“Andy Sandford hosts a secret lineup of some of the funniest standups that NYC has to offer. All doing their newest, rawest, most untested material. Witness the birth of comedy gold, or the death of a once promising premise. Both will likely happen, and that’s the beauty of the process. It’s all good, because the comedians are all good.”

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